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Welcome to the Gastroenterology team! We hope you have an enjoyable and educational time with us. If you have any concerns or issues at any time, please just say. We are one big team and help is always there if needed.



There are currently 10 consultants


Specialist areas/interest

Dr Maheswaran

Clinical lead, Gastroenterologist with an interest in liver disease

Dr McGoldrick

Endoscopy lead, Gastroenterologist with an interest in liver disease

Dr Mehta

Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Lead, Endoscopist, C.Difficile lead

Dr Reilly

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Lead, Capsule Endoscopy lead, Foundation Programme director

Dr Harris

Gastroenterologist (less than full time and non-bed owning)

Dr Maddirala

ERCP/therapeutic endoscopy

Dr Townsend

Nutrition Lead, Gastroenterology, IBD, Endoscopy and Capsule endoscopy

Dr Prasad

Gastroenterologist /Hepatologist

Professor Wardle

ERCP (less than full time and non-bed owning)

Dr London

Gastroenterologist, IBD and complex polyps (less than full time and non-bed owning)

Dr Davies

Gastroenterologist, IBD, endoscopy and nutrition


Key Contacts

Ward 45




IBD specialist Nurses:

Anna Lewis-Williams

Michel Deugan

Hannah Lightfoot

Ext 3006

VOIP 3345


For addting patients to the MDT please email referrals to

Liver specialist Nurses:

Jayne Rose

Lucy Higham

It is best to refer all liver patients to them via email for follow up after discharge

Ext. 3348

Email: or

For adding patients to the Liver MDT please email referrals to

Celia Proudfoot TB Nurse:

  • As part of the screening before IBD patients start biologics they require TB testing.
  • Celia can come to the wards to do this on a Tuesday.
  • Alternatively, she can be contacted to get the necessary blood bottles for TB QuantiFERON testing so that one of our team may take the samples


Nutrition Specialist nurse:

Teresa McWilliams

She can be particularly helpful if having difficulties with NG tube placement or need assistance with placing bridles for NG tubes

VOIP 2384

Tara Gidman Gastroenterology secretary

Best person to email referrals to the Gastro Radiology MDT meeting

Please indicate which images are to be discussed and include the clinical question and a brief history


Joseph Woolley – Gastroenterology Pharmacist

Bleep 2822

Kate Holloway Upper GI Specialist Nurse

Responsible for placing UGI cancer patients on the MDT. She also has a key role in explaining management options to the patient and getting the upper GI surgeons involved

Ext 3210



Twilight FYI


Surgical team

PA bleep 3460

HO 3216

SHO 3218

SpR 3217


Gastroenterology Bleeps



2923 or ext: 4359







ANP – Hannah Farrall

Ext 4359 and via switch


Gastroenterology secretaries

Jill Cropper

Ext: 5239

Lead secretary

Prof Wardle, Dr Fisher and Dr Harris


Gill Clinton

Dr McGoldrick and Dr Maheswaran

Jan Mills

Dr London, Dr Townsend & Dr Reilly

Natalie Rogers

Ext: 3719

Dr Mehta and Dr Maddirala

Alyssa Garrett


Lizze Brookes

Admin assistant to the Gastroenterology specialist nurses



Overview of the Ward


Gastroenterology is currently based on Ward 45. Each week a different Consultant is rostered to be the Gastroenterologist of the week (GOW). During that week the GOW undertakes daily ward rounds, sees, or oversees the in-patient referrals with support of the registrars and ANP, and covers the out of hours GI bleed rota.


The following week the “GOW” becomes the “post-GOW”. They will do a ward round on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (they will attend the ward for trouble shooting on Tuesday/Thursday). Their patients will be reviewed on the remaining days by the Gastroenterology junior doctors (Reg/SHO/ F1). The post-GOW is usually available to answer clinical queries and can be contacted via telephone/email/secretaries (you will need to check with the individual Consultant the best way to contact them).  At the end of this week, any patient left under the “post-GOW” consultant is transferred over to the new “GOW”. Ward patients will generally be split between the ‘GOW’ and ‘post-GOW’ into roughly equal numbers.




Junior Doctors are expected to be on the ward from 09:00 each morning, to prepare for/ start the ward round and address any urgent issues. Generally, Consultant ward rounds start at 09:00 however each Consultant may vary slightly in their start times.


We aim to start the day with a quick ‘Board Round’ with the Nurse in charge. This is to highlight any sick patients to be seen first, potential discharges, new patients and general ward issues.



Discharges can often be identified well in advance. Please be proactive and review these patients early. Ensure appropriate e-discharges/TTOs are completed to facilitate a prompt discharge early in the day. Please do not allow e-discharges to accumulate as the department gets fined £500 for each discharge summary that is delayed over 48 hours.


When there are enough juniors on the ward it can be useful for one member of the team to take some time off the ward to ensure any outstanding E-discharges can be completed.


It is also often helpful to keep e-discharge forms updated with diagnoses and important investigation results as well as follow up plans as part of ward round documenting practice. This also helps to allow quick sign off of discharge summaries as patients are discharged; particularly, when patients have been with us for prolonged periods of time.


**In the last 12 months with the introduction of Cerner there have been some incidents with follow up investigations being automatically cancelled when a patient is discharged, please ensure the radiology department has been contacted to ensure urgent test are added to the outpatient waitlist when a patient is discharged**


Useful Care bundles:

There are several care bundles we use within the department to aid effective treatment and ongoing care for our inflammatory bowel disease and chronic liver disease patients.  All are accessible on the intranet and can be added to your auto text on Cerner (please speak to the specialist nurses for details)


  • Decompensated Liver cirrhosis bundle
  • Liver Cirrhosis discharge bundle
  • IBD discharge bundle



How to add care bundles on Cerner



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