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Paediatrics & Neonates



 Welcome and introduction

Welcome, we hope your time with us will be both rewarding and enjoyable. The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with basic information about the department, but it is not exhaustive. Please feel free to ask any of the members of staff for help.


Contributions and acknowledgements (updated May 2020)

Dr Alison Timmis

Dr Beca Parry

Dr Jo Dangerfield

Dr Jessica Bell




All consultants are based in Long House and can be contacted via their secretaries:

Dr Ravi Jayaram (Respiratory) – 5050

Dr Zeba Jamal (Rheumatology) – 5061

Dr S Murthy Saladi (Epilepsy) - 5058

Dr Steve Brearey (Neonatal Lead & Cardiology) - 5061

Dr Alison Timmis (Diabetes & College Tutor) - 3569

Dr Michael McGuigan (Clinical lead, Diabetes & Endocrine) - 3569

Dr Jo Dangerfield (Neonatal Clinical Risk & Emergency Department link) - 2166

Dr Helen Dallow (Critical Care) – 5050

Dr Katherine Davis (Epilepsy) - 5058

Dr Victoria Guratsky (Locum) - 2166


Community Paediatricians

Dr Rajiv Mittal – Designated Doctor for Safeguarding Children - 2085

Dr Howie Isaac - Named Doctor for Safeguarding Children - 2086

Dr Sara Dubois – Designated Doctor for Children in Care - 2086


Visiting GP

Dr Peter Saul (Allergy)


The Junior Medical Team

  • Number of paediatric ST3-8: 6 & 1 community trainee

  • Number of ST1/ST2/GP trainees: 8

  • Number FY2: 1

  • Number FY1: 1


Consultant timetable

Paediatrician of the week “hot week” rota (POW)

All new paediatric patients will be admitted under this consultant. The week starts Monday 08:30 and POW covers Friday and Sunday 24 hours on call.


Neonatologist of the week “hot week” rota (NOW)

All new neonatal patients will be admitted under this consultant. The times are as for the POW and NOW covers Saturday 24 hours on call.


  • The other weeknights are divided amongst other consultants (monthly rota distributed by secretaries).

  • GP advice telephone carried 12:30-16:30 Monday-Friday (01244 363507)

  • Daily consultant-led ward rounds on Children’s Ward (ward 30) and Neonatal Ward (ward 36).

  • The consultants have a timetable of general & speciality outpatient clinics during non-hot weeks.


Areas covered

Children’s Assessment Unit (CAU)

Referrals from emergency department/GP/community midwives


Ward 30 (Paediatric ward)

Inpatients and open access patients. Children up to their 16th birthday, unless they remain under the care of the Paediatrician due to long term condition or disability (up until their 19th birthday).

    • 2 x HDU beds

    • 2 x adolescent bays (2x3 beds)

    • 9 x cubicles

    • 1 x 5 bed bay

    • 6 bed CAU


Ward 32 (Post-natal ward)

Baby checks and reviews

  • 4 x transitional care beds


Ward 36 (Neonatal ward)

    • Level 1 Unit currently (>32/40 gestation)

    • Stabilisation bed

    • 4 x high dependency beds

    • 8 x special care


Labour Ward

Attending deliveries



Attending to acute cases


Children’s Outpatients

Consultant clinics (start 09:00 & 13:30) including visiting consultants from tertiary centre (Usually a Tuesday or Wednesday, but check with the secretaries), consultant rapid access clinics during hot week, daily ST3+ review clinics & other COCH consultants with interest in paediatrics e.g. dermatology & surgery. Clinic timetable is available from clinic nurses or secretaries.


Alder Hey outreach clinics

Include the following services:

    • Nephrology

    • Paediatric Surgery

    • Urology

    • Rheumatology

    • Cardiology

    • Cystic Fibrosis

    • Orthopaedic

Bleep system (multi tone pager system)

Bleep numbers are marked with a #, the dialling process is 82, then when instructed enter the bleep number followed by extension number.


Specialist nurses

  • Lead Nurse Children’s Services: Anne Martyn (ext. 6418)

  • Children’s Unit Manager: Karen Flewitt (ext. 5077)

  • Children’s Unit Deputy Managers: Nicky Lightfoot & Catherine Pollitt

  • Neonatal Unit Manager: Yvonne Griffiths (ext. 2588)

  • Neonatal Unit Deputy Managers: Caroline Bennion & Laura Eagles

  • Children’s and Young Peoples Community Care Packages Service Manager – Sarah Jackson (ext. 5054)

  • Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner: Rebecca Sheldon, Karen Bennion, Clare Foden, Rebecca Dickenson - Cover CAU admissions & attend resuscitation calls #3459

  • Trainee Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner: Ashleigh Hudson

  • Diabetic Team: Helen Dodd, Azra Eccles, Danielle Randles (ext. 5254)

  • Skin and respiratory/CF: Usha Downie (ext. 5254)

  • Allergy and TB: Celia Proudfoot (ext. 3628)

  • Epilepsy: Hayley Eccles (ext. 5254)

  • Oncology & palliative care: Viki Higgins (ext. 5254)

  • Pharmacist: Gemma Webster (# 2913)

  • Dietician: Lynda Towers, Rosslyn Waugh, Victoria Fraser (ext. 5068)

  • Infant feeding team: Sharon Jones (ext. 5401)

  • Specialist Safeguarding Children Practitioner: Paula Lewis (ext. 5596)

  • Safeguarding Midwife/Professional: Karen Milne

  • Paediatric Research Nurse: Caroline Burchett (ext. 6855)



Hospital at Home (ext. 2574)

H@H runs within the core hours of 8am – 9pm Monday – Friday and 8.30am-6pm Saturday and Sunday (including Bank Holidays). The service has a degree of flexibility to meet families/carers/children/young person’s needs.


  • Community and Safeguarding Team (ext. 5596)

  • Paeds Physio (ext. 3260)

  • Community Neonatal Team (ext. 2588)

  • Paediatric Phlebotomy Service – for children 0-12 years



  • Our team welcomes medical students and medical, nursing & other health professional trainees. There are many educational opportunities and you are welcome to attend any clinic or other educational session. We encourage active learning and teach junior colleagues.

  • Teaching sessions Tuesday-Thursday 12.30-1.30 at Longhouse (departmental monthly timetable is available from the secretaries):

    • Radiology Meetings
    • Safeguarding peer review meetings
    • Medical student case report presentations
  • Perinatal and paediatric morbidity and mortality meetings – take place on rolling half days

  • Daily ward rounds and handovers

  • Regular clinics and specialist clinics

  • Senior Paediatrics meeting takes place on a Monday at 12pm & senior trainees are welcome to attend (ST6+)


Annual and study leave guidance

Dr Katherine Davies manages the middle grade rota. Dr Helen Dallow manages the SHO rota. There may also be a middle grade and SHO as a contact point for any leave queries, you will be advised who this is on induction.

Electronic or paper requests (check with your rota co-ordinator) must be sent to the rota co-ordinator for both annual and study leave – 6 week notice required.

Any long days/bank holidays/night shifts must be swapped prior to taking leave.

You will receive time off in lieu for any bank holidays worked.



  • 08.30 – 9.00 Morning handover with night team in Resource Room on Ward 30

  • Post-ward round handovers with consultant and nurse in charge for the paediatric team in Resource Room on ward 30 and for the neonatal team on Ward 36.

  • 16.00-16.30 Afternoon handover in Resource Room on Ward 30

  • 20.30 – 21.00 Evening handover with night team in Resource Room on Ward 30


Daily Duties


Does not carry an emergency bleep. Responsibilities principally on paediatric ward.



3 F2/ST1/ST2 doctors are required during normal working day:

  1. Holds #2830 emergency bleep (paeds long day) - paediatric emergencies including ED
  2. Holds #2832 emergency bleep (neonates long day) - neonatal emergencies, attending deliveries
  3. Postnatal ward (32) #2812 to do newborn infant checks & reviews

Paediatric Ward Duties:

Daily jobs include:

    • Ward round and any jobs generated from this

    • Prompt completion of electronic discharge paperwork

    • Regular assessment of patients according to clinical need

    • Clerking new patients (usually seen on the children’s assessment unit CAU, ED referrals go to APNP)

    • Chasing outstanding results and completing job list (black diary)

    • Review paper results slips to ensure abnormal results have been acted on (tray resource room)

      Neonatal Ward Duties:

    • 09:00 Safety huddle on ward 36

    • There is a timetable in the neonatal handover room for specific day responsibilities

    • Ward work including ward round and any jobs generated from this

    • Ensure discharge letters are completed promptly on Badger system

    • Completion of weekly review forms on a Friday including plotting growth

    • Attend at risk deliveries, admit patient to neonatal unit when required

    • Complete neonatal septic screens (see intranet policy & remember to record details in black book and enter blood culture result onto Badgernet).

    • Review paper results slips to ensure abnormal results have been acted on

    • Attending deliveries on labour ward when required



  1. Holds #2831 emergency bleep (paeds long day) - paediatric emergencies including ED
  2. Holds #2833 emergency bleep (neonates standard day) - neonatal emergencies

Paediatric Ward Duties:  

  • As above

  • GP referrals/queries

  • ST3-8 review clinics (11.30-12.30)

  • ED crash calls/standby calls, reviewing CAU admissions

  • Child protection medicals (with Consultant support) if admitted via A&E or out of hours.

    After16:00 handover also holds neonatal emergency bleep.

Neonatal Ward Duties:

  • As above

  • Supervising at high risk deliveries as required

  • Pre-labour counselling

  • Accepting transfers from other units

  • Transferring out to tertiary centres

ST3-8 led clinics –allocated by rota co-ordinator & supervised by consultant present in clinic


Discharge Summaries

Ward 30/CAU

All patients on CAU/Ward 30 should have a completed Meditech e-discharge summary prior to leaving the ward.

The ward clerk will print out any outstanding e-discharges at the end of each day.


Ward 32 (Postnatal ward)

All babies who have received intervention e.g. IV antibiotics, phototherapy, folic acid for haemolytic disease of the newborn require a meditech e-discharge, USS hip arranged for DDH, will need a Meditech e-discharge prior to discharge.

Any babies who have moved from neonates up to ward 32 must have a badgernet discharge summary completed.


Ward 36 (Neonatal Unit)

Complete Badgernet discharge summaries for any babies who have been admitted for over 4 hours.

Ensure NIPE completed along with relevant referral letters



If patients require follow up from ward 30 – fill in OPC book next to ward clerk’s desk.

Follow up with ST3+ (Registrar Clinic) – all cases to be discussed with consultants. Used for patients who need reviewing sooner than a standard OPC appointment. The book for this can be found on CAU.



There are two on call rooms for paediatrics, a lounge, kitchen, lockers and 2 bathrooms. On call rooms in the hospital accommodation can be booked (via accommodation on 5834 or for doctors on long days or nights if you don’t feel safe to drive home after a shift. Emergency on call room keys can be obtained from security if needed after a bad shift. Please don’t drive home if you are not safe to do so.



Useful Numbers Bleeps / Extension

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